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Evelyn S. Fish Tug

Evelyn S. was built in 1939 by Sturgeon Bay Boat Works William Sellman Fisheries of Manistique, MI. She fits the typical wooden gill net fish tug design so prevalent on the waters during this period. Measuring 50 feet long with a 13-foot beam, Evelyn S. also boasts a 3-cylinder Kahlenburg diesel engine. To extend the life of the vessel, Evelyn S. was also sheathed in steel to protect against the frozen waters of Lake Michigan.

In 1943, Evelyn S. was sold to a commercial fishing company in Frankfort, Michigan that operated her for that purpose until 1952 when she was sold to a Muskegon towing company. In 1979, the founder of the Michigan Maritime Museum realized the importance of this vessel as an example of a dwindling aspect of the diverse maritime economy and acquired Evelyn S. She soon became a main attraction as an on-water exhibit for the Museum in South Haven. After 40 years of serving as a working vessel, Evelyn S. would now serve as an educational tool to represent these once common vessels and the important impact they had on local communities.

Evelyn S. is part of the Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Trail.