Waterfront & Dock Space

Increased public access to the waterfront is a large component of the Launching a Legacy campaign. The campus, exhibits, and waterfront will be linked together making safe accessibility for all visitors possible. This allows for the Museum to better facilitate multi-sensory programming to every person who comes on campus. The additional dock space will take the Museum to the next level in collaborative research programs for visiting vessels and researchers on the Great Lakes. It also opens more possibilities for visiting on-water exhibits and corresponding educational programming.

  • Increased visitor accessibility to the water via a new boardwalk.

  • New waterfront accommodating to visitors with disabilities, including the boat launch.

  • Current Jensen slips will be converted to a long wall dockage to accommodate various vessel types and sizes.

  • Covered boat house with lift for small craft.

  • Two additional large docks to accommodate various vessel types and sizes.